Want to celebrate your nuptials in Las Vegas but actually say "I Do" somewhere far away from the glitz and glamour of The Strip?  We'd like to introduce you to a few options that are "Beyond the Neon". Las Vegas is at the center of some of the world's most beautiful and unique places known to man.  A private luxurious limousine or helicopter can transport you an hour away to another picture-perfect world of natural wonder and awe inspiring beauty.  These venues are unique to the southwest region of the US, where nature itself is the architect to seemingly endless rain and wind shaped stone and canyon cathedrals.  


We invite you to experience a literal different point of matrimonial view.  By any standard, your wedding pictures will be distinctively apart from the ordinary; your ceremony will be uncommon because of the magnificence of your surroundings and your memories of not only what you said to each other, but where the vows were said, will last forever.  

Las Vegas Adventure Wedding Ceremonies​

Graceland Wedding Chapel - Las Vegas , Nevada

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Home of The World's First Elvis Themed Wedding


Home of The World's First
Elvis Themed Wedding


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